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“Gazel” is fairly wide, so it is easy to dance on the ball of the thumb. “Gazel” support powerful dance since it focuses on its center balance. Due to this structure of the heel, “Gazel” releases load from the heel.

ガゼル BX ハバナサテン

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Round toe “Gazel” makes it easy to dance with inside the ball of the thumb and supports powerful dance.


The originally developed arch.

The originally developed arch supports your weight evenly throughout the sole, so our shoes don’t tire your feet.


Heel 8cm. Corresponding “Flare Heel L”

*The height of the heel is showing respect to the 23cm.
In order to keep the angle from the toe to the heel, the heel height varies according to the shoe size.

The difference between “Luna” and “Gazel”

The difference between “Luna” and “Gazel”

The shapes of the toe vary. Please choose right shoes for you based the shape of your feet.

custom order size
( One month on delivery )
Size off-the-shelf commodity(cm) custom order size
( One month on delivery )
Regular width 20.5R 21R 21.5R 22R 22.5R 23R 23.5R 24R 24.5R 25R 25.5R 26R
Wide width 20.5W 21W 21.5W 22W 22.5W 23W 23.5W 24W 24.5W 25W 25.5W 26W

Compatibility table size*Because of different width and length by manufacturer wooden mold design, Please use as a rough guide

Jpanan 20.5 21 21.5 22 22.5 23 23.5 24 24.5 25 25.5 26
UK 1 11/2 2 21/2 3 31/2 4 41/2 5 51/2 6 61/2
EUROPE 34 341/2 35 351/2 36 361/2 37 371/2 38 381/2
USA 4 41/2 5 51/2 6 61/2 7 71/2 8 81/2

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