Shinsuke Kanemitsu & Natsuko Yoshida Pair

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Shinsuke Kanemitsu & Natsuko Yoshida Pair

  • Shinsuke Kanemitsu

    I like a place to fit the leather is soft foot, the “Kent shoes” and love for many years.
    To be a form of shoe fits your foot in other words, equal, that say shoes us remember the best balance.
    In tiptoe, it can not in the other shoes that you can clean representation of the line of the legs is a feature of “Kent shoes” unique.
    They will adjust the height and position of the color and heel to match the costume, I have I do not it is believed to wear other than “Kent shoes”.

スプリット レザー
  • Natsuko Yoshida

    It is friendly to the soft foot to highest comfort, and love much “Kent shoes” from student days.
    When the game is down a new article, it immediately overlooks the game with confidence because it fit the foot. In particular, since the position of the heel is the best fit, you can stand in a natural and best balance. Since the “Kent shoes” ‘s staff will me to respond quickly to fine adjustment, I will be able to concentrate on dance with confidence.

ルーナ BX ハバナサテン

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