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Seiji Tanido & Emi Tanido Pair

  • Seiji Tanido

    It has been so long since I started using Kent shoes habitually.

    when I practiced,when I was in the UK, when I lost at a competition and I
    won, and after I retired,I have always used Kent’s shoes.

    I have had various shoes of colors and designs made such as black and white
    two-tone, blue, green, brown and so on for segue and show so far. Moreover,
    they responded to my detailed requests such as the pain of the little toe

    , fitness , the hardness and the balance of shoes.  Every time I put them
    on, I admire Kent shoes’ Staff’s  technical ability for dance shoes and
    feel their affection for the “shoes” and “dance” and “people”  at the same
    time and I am pleased with them.

    All staff in Kent have excellent technology as a craftworker, and among
    them,the president is by far the best.

    The other day I felt a pain on my foot and asked him for consultation, the
    moment the president saw my legs,

    “Professor Tanidou ,your feet have changed” he said.

    I was amazed by the president ‘s power of observation to perceive my change
    at a glance!

    Furthermore, the wonderful thing about the president is that, He doesn’t
    treat me as a special. He said to me that “Now I am waiting on another
    customer. so wait a moment. “

    Every staff in Kento deals with customers on the spot anytime. I am pleased
    all the more because I can put on the shoes that these people handle.

    Dance is a way of getting along with gravity.

    The weight of the body goes to the floor by gravity. The basis of my dance
    is to deliver gravity to me and the power that my muscles make to the floor
    exquisitely and delicately.

    It is shoes that will connect the floor with me in that moment.

    The influence of this intermediary tremendously depends on the fitness of
    shoes. Kent’s shoes perfectly acted  as a bridge between the floor and me
    and gave me a sense of security that makes me feel really natural (more
    naturally than when barefoot).

    I recommend Kent shoes to all the players, as well as many people who enjoy

    Everyone please use Kento shoes to take floors’ sides.

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  • Emi Tanido

    I have been using  Kent’s shoes since 2001.

    it is a relationship after I became a member of Tanidou
    association,though. Until then it was common sense in  the dance world that
    Kent was said to be shoes for males,however women’s shoes were not
    developed yet.

    At that time, I was in trouble because I had not been able to be satisfied
    with my old shoes. Then, Kent brought out shoes for females after many
    years of research. Furthermore, I could change my shoes into shoes for
    competitors by wearing them. Although heels were quite different from
    my previous shoes.I think when  you put them on for the first time, you
    will feel uncomfortable. However,once you get accustomed to the heels, I am
    sure that  your dance will definitely improve.

    If you do not dance on the floor, there is no meaning of these shoes. Since
    my feet are soft,I wear tight shoes and I’m trying to make my shoes itself
    become my feet. I am so glad to use Kent shoes as a dancer.

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