Yuichiro Sueyasu & Yuka Kimura Pair


Yuichiro Sueyasu

For dancers like us, shoes are one of the most important elements.

This is because in pursuit of the quality of dance, togetherness with the
floor becomes important in every performance.

I have tried many makers’ shoes so far.

I tried various things such as stiff ones and soft ones, wide ones and
narrow ones.

What I emphasize most in choosing shoes is “How soft and do they support me
for exercise”.

When I used Kent shoes for the first time, I was amazed very much.

It was soft and didn’t bother the movement of the feet at all. On the
contrary, it  had extremely ideal supportability against changes in rise
and pressure.

Kent shoes will be a great help for every dancer who aims to improve dance!

Everyone please try them once. We confidently recommend!

Yuka Kimura

Thanks to Kent shoes, I have never got injured.

The feet are the foundation of the body. If the foundation is unstable, it
will put a burden on other parts in the body such as the knee and the
waist, the risk of injury will increase, the balance of the whole body will
become unstable, then it will be difficult for us to obtain good results.

Since I started using Kent’s shoes, I have been able to practice, play a
game and dance for a lond time without feeling tired.

It is no exaggeration to say that Kent shoes’ insatiable search for dance
shoes improves our dance.

I’m so grateful to you.