Daisuke Masuda & Mami Tsukada Pair


Daisuke Masuda

I since the beginning of the dance from the third year of high school, wearing a much “Kent shoes”.
Foot just to fit in “Kent shoes”, since the less burden on the leg in the natural as if you were barefoot, not tired even wearing a long period of time.
Moreover, since me also respond flexibly to fine order, such as fabrics and form, does not it is believed to wear other than “Kent shoes”.

Mami Tsukada

I have been wearing for years Kent shoes, but most of the favorite “Kent shoes” is a sense of softness and made-to-order. So familiar to the foot immediately when wearing the new shoes, you can do one’s best performance without discomfort. My feet of width, but legs loosely that it is shoes of very thin other manufacturers is slipping in before, because in the “Kent shoes”‘s shoes are manufactured using a variety of wooden there is a slim width , it is the best fit in my narrow feet.
Also, since you are able to support finely also the color of the adjustment and the hope of the left and right shoes, you will be able to leave it to trust the shoe production of along the theme when the segue.